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Terms of Service

Game Rules

    1. English is the international language. English ONLY is spoken on /post.

    2. Vulgar language, racism, religious comments, bad context, prejudice, insulting, bad context, etc. will be punished.

    3. The /post is not for arguing with other players

    4. All 3rd party programs (bots, speed hacks, etc) are prohibited.

    5. Any advertisement (buying/selling/trading) of 3rd party programs is prohibited.

    6. Any 2 lines of sequential text, such as: qweqwe, 123123, qwe123qwe123, asdfasdf, etc., is submissible to using a 3rd party program.

    7. Character or Guild names must not contain any relation to "Arena Knights," "AK", "GM," "Game Master," "Admin," "MU," etc, any Arena Knights Staff Member names, or anything that could trick a player into thinking that they belong to the Arena Knights Staff.

    8. Impersonating the Arena Knights Staff is strictly prohibited.

    9. Claiming to have banning rights is bannable.

    10. Claiming to have GM powers is bannable.

    11. Threatening a player to be banned is bannable.

    12. Accusing without proof is punishable.

    13. Admin and Arena Knights Staff, are not responsible if you give away your account details. We will never ask for your password.

    14. Admin and Arena Knights Staff, are not responsible for lost or stolen items. With donated items, it is at Admin's discretion.

    15. Advertising other servers, websites, or games is prohibited.

    16. Publicly Buying/Selling/Trading Accounts in game or on forums is bannable.

    17. We do not encourage or support account buying/selling/trading. We are not responsible if you get scammed in such transactions.

    18. Buying/Selling/Trading In Game material for Real Life material is prohibited.

    19. Use of Duel Bug is bannable.

    20. Use of Exploits is bannable.

    21. Scamming of any kind is bannable.

    22. Insults towards Arena Knights Staff is bannable.

    23. Editing Evidence is strictly prohibited.

    24. Falsely accusing any Staff Member of a serious allegation without evidence is strictly prohibited.

    25. Bribing a Staff Member is prohibited.

    26. Refusal to cooperate with a Arena Knights Staff Member is bannable

    27. Interfering with a GM/Admin Hosted Event is punishable.

    28. Spamming the /post is punishable.

    29. Breaking of Multiple rules may result in an extended ban length.

    Hacking accounts/servers is strictly prohibited as well as threatening to do so. Those breaking this rule will be punished severely.

Original author: Stregone

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